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Water Features

Have you ever been hiking or traveled someplace in this world that had a water feature and then thought how nice it would be to have something like that in your own yard? Well, Hill Country Landscaping and Masonry can help you realize your dream! That dream of yours may be a pondless waterfall or cascade on that steep bank or small hill near your house, a meandering stream, and waterfall, or perhaps a fountain by one of your home's entrances or even next to a deck or patio. If so, then we can create it for you. You may even desire a small pond or even a larger one of almost any size for some colorful koi or even that favorite species of ducks that you always admired. Ponds can be installed in any size and shape. They can even be filtered by installing a wetland which cuts down on the already minimal maintenance. When we create a water feature the result is something that looks like it has always been there. It reflects mother nature’s work, enhancing the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Let us stop by and talk with you, listen to your wants and ideas and give you some suggestions of our own. Once some ideas are formalized we would be more than happy to provide you with a proposal at no charge. So, give Hill Country Landscaping and Masonry a call today and begin enjoying the natural sounds of water right on your own property.